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Welcome to KERO
World of Folding Kayaks and Canoes

KERO is located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada - just north of Toronto. We offer a variety of folding kayaks, folding canoes, kayak and canoe paddles, and accessories.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent service and professional advice. We want to share with you the possibilities folding boats could unfold for you.

    • Looking for a light and compact recreational folding kayak to enjoy outdoors and relax?
    • Planning a kayak or canoe multi-day camping trip to provincial parks or wilderness?
    • Itchy going to arctic or other remote expeditions?
    • Eager to travel and be able to have your boat folded in your pocket to explore remote natural beauties?
    • Looking for your kayak or canoe storage solutions?

    All products are selected based on convenience, simplicity, quality, and performance at competitive prices.

    Solo, tandem and family size folding kayaks and canoes are available.

Your Folding Experience Starts Here...

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